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Car Detailing Northern Beaches

Professional Car Detailing Service

Our team have all your car care needs met. Below are a few of our most sought-after car detailing services, along with some prices. However, if you aren’t seeing what you are searching for, no problem! Just give us a call and we’ll tailor an option that is suitable to your requirements and budget.


Mini Car Detail

Starting at $99

Our Mini Car Detail, otherwise called a premium maintenance service, is a precise and efficient car detailing service. Its a quick clean, designed to keep your vehicle’s appearance looking great. Have your car’s exterior and interior detailed in the highest standard with this service. This is the perfect solution to maintain and upkeep your vehicle regularly or a quick clean-up for your car.


  • Vacuum interior and boot
  • Dash, console and instrument panel cleaned
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out
  • Deodorise
  • Vacuum seats and carpets, including boot/cargo area
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned if applicable
  • All interior plastics and trims including consolec cleaned
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out
  • Door and boot jambs cleaned
  • Deodorise

Interior Car Detail

Starting from $220

Our interior detailing service is a meticulous detail within your car’s interior. It is, after all where you spend the majority of your time, regardless of whether taking a drive to work or going out for the weekend, so why not have it look the best it can? It doesn’t matter if it’s the fur of your dog, children’s spills, or even your coffee was dropped. Do not fret! Our experts can get you car looking and smelling like new. Have a thorough interior inspection now with our Northern Beaches experts.


  • Carpets, seats, mats and boot Shampooed and vacuumed
  • Leather Seats are Clean and Conditioned
  • Antibacterial Spray Application
  • Interior Trims, Plastics and Consoles Completely dressed and detailed
  • Sun Visors Cleaned
  • Windows and Mirrors Cleaned Inside and Outside
  • Doors and Boot Jambs are Cleansed, and high-pressure Clean
  • The Fuel Door is cleaned and degreased. High Pressure Cleaning

Pre-Sale Cleaning

Starting at $350

This service is designed for customers who wish to maintain their vehicle in top condition or transform your car to be sold for the best price possible. The full-car detail platinum service will allow us to work meticulously on your car’s interior and exterior. There isn’t an even more thorough detail in the Northern Beaches. Our pre-sale detail will enhance your sale or trade-in price.


  • Vacuum seats and carpets, including boot/cargo area
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned if applicable
  • All interior plastics and trims including console cleaned
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out
  • Door and boot jambs cleaned
  • Deodorise
  • Snow foam pre wash
  • 2 bucket method wash with wash and wax product
  • Clean rims and tyres
  • Dress tyres
  • Dry with microfibre drying towels

Paint Correction & Polishing Services

Starting at $450

Paint correction, often called cut and polish, is the most effective way to get your car’s paint back to look great again. When paint ages, it may become dull or cloudy, and may be prone to light scratches. A paint correction can restore the shine and surface of your car. It’s an excellent method to increase the value of the car you’re selling or to get that look that you’ve lost or haven’t had the chance to experience when you purchased a second-hand vehicle or an old classic.

Paint correction serivces can vary depending on the condition of your vehicle.

  • All door jambs cleaned
  • Full exterior soap hand wash
  • Wheel arches pressure rinsed
  • Tyres scrubbed
  • Wheels hand cleaned
  • Full body dry
  • Paint iron decontamination
  • Full body clay
  • Basic Headlight rejuvenation and seal
  • Plastics & Rubber taped up
  • Full body DA machine cut
  • Full body DA machine polish
  • Paint sealants applied
  • Tyres shined
  • Windows cleaned in and out

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Starting at $700

Ceramic protection for paint is perfect for used and new cars. It’s the most effective protection for paint on cars that money can buy, offering superior protection from environmental elements and fallout from the environment, such as bird droppings, tree sap, and UV-induced damage. Ceramic coatings can be described as an extra clear coat that is extremely durable with high shine and self-cleaning characteristics. It makes your vehicle easy to wash and will it stop getting dirty at all.

Car Detailing Northern Beaches offers the option of graphene coating and ceramic coating options

Car Detailing Northern Beaches – offers a wide range of ceramic coating options. If you’re not sure what coatiang would best suit your vehicle or needs, please give us a call to discuss your options. 

Ceramic Protective Coating Advantages –  

  • Chemical resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Heat dispersion
  • Self-cleaning
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Superb Gloss enhancement
  • Ultimate slickness

Ceramic Protective Coating Prevents:

  • Paint fading
  • Oxidation
  • UV damage
  • Etching (bird droppings)
  • Water spotting

Other Services

The Leather & Fabric Protection

A conditioner designed specifically for the leather industry is used to stop the fading or cracking from exposure to the sun. Also, we apply a protective treatment on the interior of fabrics to repel liquids and to prevent the recurrence of stains.

Engine Detailing

The engine is sprayed with a degreaser, and then steam-cleansing is performed. The grime and dirt that accumulates on your engine is eliminated with ease. Engine detailing will allow you to be proud of your car underneath the hood!

Headlight Restorations

Lenses for headlights become dull and yellow from UV damage and the process of oxidation can occur rapidly. We can restore your headlights to a brand-new condition by utilising a professional sanding, polishing and cleaning process.

Fleet Detailing

Our fleet detailing focuses on cleaning and maintaining the appearance of your businesses fleet of cars, trucks, or vans. To keep fleet vehicles looking clean and well-kept, this kind of service typically offers a variety of detailing options, such as exterior washing and waxing, interior cleaning, tyre and rim cleaning, and other services. 

Why Should You Choose Ceramic Coating for Your Paint Protection Needs?

Paint protection with ceramic coating is high-gloss permanent bond nano-ceramic coating that is backed by a 10-year guarantee*. It utilises the latest technologies to give your paintwork a superior chemical resistance, thermal and UV resistance as well as anti-graffiti.

Self-Cleaning - Less Maintenance

After applying a protective coating of ceramic, wash your car requires less effort and is more frequent and waxing isn't needed since the coatings don't permit particles to adhere to the car's surface.

Stay New! Continuously

After the high-gloss ceramic coating is put on, you will notice an effect of mirrors along with a gloss and depth of colour that is unmatched by any other coating!


Ceramic paint coatings act as a barrier to saltwater, scum, oxidation the stains and exhaust. The surface of your car's paint.

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